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roasted cauliflower   11  

when of the woods mushrooms, shaved piave, poached hen egg

insalata di mela   11

shaved local apple, celery, pear, arugula, gorgonzola mouse, honey-nut pesto

braised pork minestra 13 

cranberry beans, butternut squash, parmesan condimento, garlic crostini

grilled octopus   13    chickpeas, roasted peppers, taggia  olives

slow roasted local beets  9      , arugula, pistachio, poppy seed 

local corn chowder   10     

fried shallots, chili oil

formaggi  12                         

antipasti A Tavola  16        changes daily, perfect for sharing


goat cheese gnocchi   13/25
local peaches, eggplant, reduced balsamico, basil, parmesan

pappardelle bolognese   14/26 our traditional Italian meat sauce braised for 7 hours

creamed corn ravioli  14/26 

lobster, roasted zucchini, parsley, breadcrumb

orechiette e salsiccia  14/26 

stewed local peppers & spicy sausage, tomato, smoked ricotta

ricotta cavatelli  14/26          

olive oil poached swordfish, escarole, stewed tomato, dill





karls' chicken under a brick  25    

charred escarole, rustic potatoes

grilled local ribeye   28          

roasted "baby bellas," pan jus, baked mac n' cheese

grilled pork chop 26      

sweet potato-carrot puree, gorgonzola, napa slaw, house mostarda

pan seared cod   27    

smashed fingerling potato, melted leeks, clam jus & broccoli rabe pesto, house pickles

fennel glazed duck breast  28    

black rice, wild mushrooms, yogurt and mint

fish of the day m/p




Contorni 6

sauteed broccoli rabe 

garlic, chili flake

creamed local kale
insalata mista  

rustic potatoes 
rosemary, garlic


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local plum torta 8
black pepper and mascarpone gelato, saba

house-made biscotti  6
chocolate-cherry semifreddo 7
whipped cream, chocolate sauce 
affogato  6
salted caramel gelato, espresso
tiramisu A Tavola 8

local honey and walnut tart  7

gelati e sorbetti  $3 each scoop
selection of house-made gelato and sorbetto

formaggi  12
3 artisinal cheeses, croccanti di vino, fig marmellata   


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changes daily



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